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Roller Bottle Snap Clutch

$23.98 USD

Everyone loves to keep their roller bottles nearby. Are you looking for a new way to store your roller bottles while on the go or traveling? Are you tired of your roller bottles being loose in your bag. Well, look no further! The roller bottle snap clutch is the perfect carrying case to do the job! This cute and trendy roller bottle clutch has a coin purse look and comes in two different patterns that you’ll absolutely love! The roller bottle snap clutch is small enough that it can fit conveniently in your purse or work bag to have always on the go as a traveling case! It also can be used for your next trip to keep inside of your suitcase or it this clutch could even be perfect just to store your roller bottles in your car. The roller bottle clutch could also be the perfect gift for your downline or for anyone that loves having their essential oil roller bottles with them. Anyone you gift this roller bottle case to is sure to love it! Now you don’t have to be without your essential oil blends and you can carry them conveniently wherever you go.

Holds: 8 10ml Rollerbottles

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