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Ombré Glass Roller Bottles

$9.36 USD

Add a little (or a lot of) color to your oil life with our signature ombre roller bottles, now in 8 combinations! Grab these beauties quick.

Available in both 5ml and 10ml essential oil roller bottles sizes with stainless steel rollers. Sold in packages of 6.

Ombre roller bottles are perfect for sprucing up your own roller bottle blends. Making roller bottle recipes by the dozen (who isn’t?!), add a little splash of color into your rollerball routine.

If you’re making that many custom essential oil blends, we doubt you’re using them all yourself.  These ombre roller bottles will compliment your great gift ideas. Does a certain ombre color combination fit your team’s branding or spirit? Having a team advancement party… chose a different ombre combination for each rank.

Are there certain custom blends you love to make and share with others? Use ombre rollerball bottles to identify which blends are which, easily allowing you to gift these treasure in the moment. Deliver all the benefits of an essential oil roll-on in style.

OR… just collect them all for your own rollerball stash!

Choose from our collection of colorful ombre rollers in eight luxurious styles including:

  • Berry Patch (blue and purple) 
  • Aqua Reef (yellow and blue)
  • Fresh Lilac (purple and green)
  • Passion Fruit (purple and orange)
  • Blue Lagoon (blue and dark blue)
  • Tangerine Sunset (purple and red)
  • Moroccan Dream (orange and blue)
  • Strawberry Lemonade (pink and yellow)

Details of Ombre Essential Oil Roller Bottles:
- Sold in packages of 6
- Available in both 5ml and 10ml sizes
- Color injection using a spray machine to paint the color on the bottle


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