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Nottingham Handbag - Brown/Black

$35.99 USD

Are you sick of carrying around a massive handbag PLUS all of your essential oil carrying cases? Want a handbag with plenty of room AND plenty of style? Then the Nottingham Handbag is just what you need. 

This Nottingham Handbag can hold not only your everyday necessities but your essential oils too! How? One of its great features is an easy-to-reach exterior pocket that can hold up to seven full-size essential oil bottles or 10 mL roller bottles.

This bag also has tons of storage space. Just slide open the main, top zipper and you will see that there's plenty of room for books, class handouts or anything else you might need! 

This handbag is perfect for essential oil fanatics. Not only is it fashionable, but it's practical too. Carry all of your necessities and essential oils in one place, hassle-free. 

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