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Magnetic Essential Oil Clip

$13.50 USD

Whether it be on your fridge at home, a washer or dryer, or any metal surface, our new Magnetic Essential Oil Clip allows you to hang and store your oils in new places! Do you love adding lemon oil to your water in the mornings or dropping some lavender to your wash cycle? With our new tool, you can keep your essential oils attached to those metal surfaces and easily accessible for all your oil needs. This tool is embedded with a strong magnetic durable enough to hold those oils even through slamming fridge doors or the vibration of a washing machine. Teaching an oil class? Just attach this magnetic clip to a whiteboard and have the oils you need easily reachable to making teaching a breeze.

Don’t ever worry about misplacing your oils or running around trying to find the ones you need again! These magnetic clips keep your life organized and make your daily tasks with essential oils super easy. Free up some of your cluttered counter space and get Oil Life’s Magnetic Essential Oil Clips to keep your oils organized. These magnetic clips will make your life easier and more convenient if you need to grab your essential oils in a hurry. Not only is this tool functional but also stylish! Use these new magnetic clip essential oil holders to create a new way to store and display your most loves essential oils. Get your pack of 4 today!