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Glass Ombre Spray Bottles

$8.16 USD

Our ombre glass spray bottles are perfect for any essential oil and aromatherapy use.
Both beautiful and functional, these glass spray bottles come in a variety of sizes and open up a world of possibilities!

4 bottles per package

Whether you're looking for a great way to add a contemporary flair to your essential oil storage or just want the peace of mind knowing that your precious essential oils are safely stored in high-quality glass spray containers, these beautiful ombre spray bottles will be a huge hit.

Our glass spray bottles are ideal for everything; a safe way to store and dispense essential oils, creating your DIY kid-friendly cleaning products, aromatherapy products, healthy cooking, and many other home uses.

Use your ombre glass bottles to mix and create your own unique essential oil sprays and blends or even, start creating your own DIY perfumes!
Relax knowing that because your essential oils with neither lose their potency nor their special fragrances because you’ve safely stored in glass spray containers.

Purchase several sets of ombre glass spray bottles and begin imagining the possibilities which will be open to you after you start using them around your home!



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