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First Aid Cabinet Makeover - Digital Worksheet

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A digital worksheet for an essential oil workshop about your first aid cabinet makeover- fill your medicine cabinet with natural solutions.

Continue to support your team through education. With this downloadable class sheet you will be able to teach an easy and effective class on giving their first aid cabinets a makeover. This simple, clean visual guide will keep your guests intrigued on what you will be teaching next.

As you lead this essential oil class, participants will learn how to stock a natural medicine cabinet as they gain understanding of each essential oils’ properties and uses.

This first aid cabinet makeover digital worksheet is a great way to show new team or wholesale members how to use a newly purchased starter kit. Focus an essential oil workshop on how new oil users might use the select oils they’ve just purchased as natural replacements for most over-the-counter items kept in first aid and medicine cabinets.

As an individual works through the prompts it will become apparent how to stock a natural medicine cabinet. Who doesn’t want natural solutions to fill their bathroom or kitchen cabinets? Find the direction you need to lead individuals in a first aid cabinet makeover. Use this digital worksheet with oil company education or your favorite essential oil reference guide.

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