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The Essential Mixologist Book

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Find your inner alchemist through Julez Weinberg’s, The Essential Mixologist. This book is filled with 22 original essential oil infused cocktail recipes that your taste buds will love! Are you tired of having cocktails that have an artificial taste? Are you looking for another way to use your essential oils? Try the natural way! Combine your two favorite things! Cocktails and essential oils! Along with natural juices to create the perfect essential oil elixir! Julez channeled her inner alchemist by combining the natural taste of essential oils and the natural juices of fruits and vegetables to make cocktails. Even though she is her own alchemist, she encourages everyone to channel their inner alchemist and play around with these recipes. These cocktails can also be turned into mocktails by simply taking away the alcohol. Bring these drinks to the next party or make them for girls night! Anywhere you have them people are sure to enjoy! It’s the perfect opportunity to not only introduce your friends to amazing cocktails or mocktails, but also to introduce them to essential oils through an all natural medicinal cocktail. Enjoy the journey and have fun, as you read The Essential Oil Mixologist and discover your inner mixologist!

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