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Essential Oil Class Hostess Packet - Download

$6.99 USD

Introducing the essential oil class guide to being the perfect hostess! Are you teaching a class over essential oils? Are you worried about making sure your class is a success? This small packet will serve as a step-by-step guide to making sure your class is purposeful, successful, and useful for all of your students. Use its guidelines to create a successful oil class and make your students feel confident in their information over using essential oils in their lives. This packet is full of key information and tips for having a class that people won’t want to leave.

The Essential Oil Class Hostess Packet breaks down the steps for success and gives you the confidence needed to have an informative essential oil class. From reminders and preparation tips to having an interactive class with minimal distractions, this packet gives easy to follow guidelines to having the confidence and tools needed for an outstanding oil class. Additionally, this packet gives useful tips for inviting people to the class, sharing oil samples, and having a great time! Download this packet today, get your invite list together, and start preparing for a successful essential oils class.

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