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EO Tools Booklets - Simple Essential Oil Guides (10pk)

$12.00 USD

Discover everything you need to know about essential oils in these mini booklets from EO Tools! Share the basics of oils in small doses.

Or use them as quick reference for your everyday use of essential oils. Just the information you need always at your fingertips.

Choose from a 10pk of basics, rollerballs, carrier oils and diffusers. It’s an entirely new way to approach essential oils simplistic and one focus at a time!

Essential Oil Basics

This booklet is perfect for someone that’s new to oils and also for those that have been using them like a pro for a long time. This booklet is full of different tips and tricks on how to use your favorite oils. It describes some uses for the oils and it describes the many benefits that come from using them.

Rollerball Recipes

Everyone loves having a good rollerball. They’re convenient and easy to apply - and just plain fun! If you love rollerballs, you’ll love his little booklet because it is jam packed with over 50 recipes for rollerballs! There’s a wide variety of different recipes for skin, mood, adult and child wellness, yoga and meditation, and perfume.

Carrier Oils

Looking for the perfect carrier oil to pair with your favorite essential oil? Looking to branch out from your one favorite carrier oil? This booklet is the perfect guide - showcasing the different properties of each carrier oil. It also shares the benefits and the nutrient content as well as the usage.

Diffuser Blends

If you’re looking for some new diffuser recipes, look no further! This booklet is full of diffuser blends that are guaranteed to spice up your favorite diffuser in your home, work, or car. There are recipes that will improve your health and lift your mood. If you’re trying to into the mood of the seasons there recipes for all of the seasons!

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